Bellowhead | Farewell

The phrase “National treasure” is usually reserved for  aging pop idols and dead comedians, but more deserving of the accolade is Bellowhead, the 11-strong folk supergroup that first hit the racks at HMV in 2004.

Fusing chamber music, jazz, ska and goodness-knows-what with traditional British folk songs and an ample injection of theatre, the band has been somewhat hilariously rattling the cages of folk music hierarchy whilst energetically pursuing their apparent mission to make arguably less-than-accessible music appealing to the masses simply by virtue of innovation, raw energy, idiosyncrasy and unsurpassed musicianship.  With copious awards, critical acclaim, a decent TV presence and sales to match (they’ve won BBC Radio 2’s ‘Best Live Act’ five times and even clocked up notable success in the album charts), Bellowhead have probably done more to bring to the masses the traditional music at the heart of their music than any number of their peers.

Read the full review here.


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