Odderang | In Cinema

Is this a jazz record… I’m not so sure. The latest offering from Edition is a weird one – an ethereal and quite beguiling mix of post rock and ambience, there’s little in the way of swing here.

So, a bit of cello, a bit of guitar, a good smattering of percussion and some… erm… trombone. With all the unwieldy beauty of an elephant in a tutu, this band combine peculiarity and brilliance to glorious effect, creating a sorrowful wash of sound that is part Godspeed, part Explosions In The Sky and part Yann Tiersen. Having said that, where an unhealthy dose of worthiness often dehydrates the music of the ‘big boys’, these here Scandinavian chaps hit the nail on the head. The results are honestly sublime.

Odderang are a group that toy with the unlikely, but do it such an earnest way that it simply works.

Check out the release here.


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