Colleen – The Weighing Of The Heart

I’ve reviewed some Colleen albums before, but this release promised something that none of the previous releases have delivered – a voice! Purely and simply, and for obvious reasons, ‘The Weighing Of The Heart’ is a distinct departure. Notwithstanding this fact, it doesn’t disappoint. Why on earth it has taken Colleen this long to commit her voice to record is a mystery, but commit it, she has. The trademark archaic, organic washes and soundscapes haven’t altogether disappeared, but have been made sense of by the songs that force the ambience (willingly I might add) into structure. Structure is, of course, a relative term… bear in mind this isn’t a Katy Perry record.

The opening choral of “Push The Boat Into The Sand” sets the template, and that template is perhaps best described as Brian Wilson’s weirdest and wildest moments distilled into one bite-size package of subdued passion and subtle beauty. Furthermore, there is nothing dark or intimidating about ‘The Weighing Of The Heart’, none of the misty peculiarity that typified Colleen records of old; instead the record is positive, wistful and light.
Any Colleen record is enthralling in essence, but this album reaches a new high point. Within it there are many arresting moments, all of which lead to the bewildering title track which in itself is something to behold.

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