Simone Dinnerstein and Tift Merritt – Night

Such a beautiful, if immensely improbable proposition: an alt country singer songwriter and a classical pianist (worlds apart by definition) make an album together that is not at all incongruous, cumbersome or worthy!

In all seriousness, this is a stunning record – quiet, passionate, gentle and elegant throughout. The album pulls together original material penned by Merritt and re-imagined versions of Schubert, Bach, Billy Holiday and Leonard Cohen that point to an impressive testament to the artistry of those involved. Notwithstanding the unusual mixture of source material, perhaps the most surprising thing about the record is perhaps how seamlessly Dinnerstein’s virtuosic piano melds with Merritt’s comparatively rudimentary guitar playing, unorthodox harmonica and folksy vocals, the result of which is at once intimate and warm, and breathtaking in its precision.

I can’t recommend this record enough – it’s an unbelievable insight… a window into a room where two friends from significantly different musical worlds find the recipe for perfection. Subtle genius!


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