The Revelers – Cajun swamp pop

Well here’s  an interesting thing – cajun swamp pop. Who would have believed such a thing existed!

Now, normally I shy away from Cajun music… it tends not to make sense to me if I’m honest… but the new record from The Revelers actually hits the spot! It’s weird, quirky and a touch nonsensical, but I like it.

The album melts together most of what you’d expect from Cajun music (accordion, fiddle, jaunty tunes, French etc) with some unexpected ’50s influenced pop. The result is a bit like what you’d imagine The Beach Boys to sound like if they recorded an album in Lafayette. Anyhow, I was captivated by the time the second song came into contact with my eardrums.

A word of warning: the press release that came with this CD suggests the band bring something “fresh, vibrant and modern” to the genre. Honestly, I’m not sure that’s quite true (certainly the ‘modern’ bit at least), but the record is a bit different and rather lovely. Also, I love the packaging! What’s that phrase about judging books by their covers?

The Revelers release their new, self-titled record in the UK on 15th April. You can have a listen here.


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